Chavurat Emet Outreach Program

Chavurat Emet is a Jewish organization that strongly supports and encourages its members to participate in outreach projects. We know firsthand how strong and productive an organization can be when people become unified.

Each year we participate with M’Yad L’Yad, Helping Hands, to help local families in need. We send packages of food, clothing, sundries and gift certificates at 4 different holiday times. M’Yad L’Yad can be viewed at Watch the website for announcements. If everyone contributed one item, we would be able to help so many families.

Chavurat Emet donated $2,000 to the Starkey Foundation. The money was distributed through the Millie Melzer Memorial Fund, established by the Podwall family. These funds were used for the Israel-Palestine Hearing Mission of Peace. It brought Americans, Israelis and Palestinians together for a mission that provided 1,000 children and adults with hearing devices. It was the first-of-its kind and we can proudly say that we were part of such an extraordinary event.

Our First lady, Michelle Obama, in June 2011, co-founded Joining Forces, with Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Biden. This is an initiative aimed at encouraging volunteers to support military families. To that end, we have decided that our Chavurah will open its doors to Jewish families of military who are presently serving our country. We will invite them as guests to our services and open our hearts and friendship so that they can experience being a part of our community.