A donation to Chavurat Emet is a perfect way to let someone special know you care and help support our Jewish community. Donations are often made to honor a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, celebrate the birth of a child, commemorate an anniversary, wedding or birthday, or as a warm thank you for a special kindness shown to you or your family. Additionally, it is customary to make a donation to honor the Yahrtzeit of a departed family member.

When a donation is made to Chavurat Emet a lovely card is sent to the honoree or their family as an acknowledgement of your donation. Of course, all donations are tax deductable.

Chavurat Emet’s Memorial Board

We are indeed fortunate to have a beautiful Memorial Board in our sanctuary at Beit Chavurah. The elegant memorial plaque is a distinguished and reverent way of paying respect and tribute to the memories of our dear departed loved ones.

We offer the opportunity of eternalizing the memory of your loved ones and at the same time ensuring that the customs and traditions that are associated with a Yahrtzeit (anniversary of a death) are lovingly performed in true Jewish spirit. We invite you to honor your loved ones by inscribing their name and the Hebrew and English date of the Yahrtzeit on Chavurat Emet’s Memorial Board. Each engraved plaque has its own memorial lamp which will be lit in observance of the Yahrtzeit and will be lit again during the appropriate holiday services.

Having a plaque to honor a loved one shows the prominent place that person holds in our hearts and in our place of worship. It is also traditional to recite the Kaddish on the Yahrtzeit of a loved one and to link the day with charitable deeds in their name. To help you commemorate the day of passing, Chavurat Emet will send an annual reminder letter and candle prior to the Yahrtzeit of your loved one

If you would like to honor the memory of loved ones in this loving way, please click on the appropriate link or call JoAnn Katz at (631) 261-5089 for more information

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