Not Quite Ready for Off Broadway Players

Creator and Director: Jo Ann Katz
Accompanist: Alan Eckstat

Did you ever dream about being a star on Broadway?

Did you ever wish to sing music from the 50's, 60's and 70's?

Did you ever yearn for the thrill of giving a performance with your friends and for friends?

Well, you need not dream, wish or yearn any longer.  Instead, why not join the Chavurat Emet Not Quite Ready for Off Broadway Players?

Talent is not required. All that is needed is a commitment to your fellow actors.

Everyone is a star under the direction of Jo Ann Katz.  Her extraordinary talent and the wonderful enthusiasm of our loyal (and ever expanding) troupe of players make our Not Quite Ready for Off Broadway productions exciting happenings.

Learn more about our wonderful performances: Purim Spiels, play readings and original script for Hanukah Musicals.

Our Director and friend: Jo Ann Katz

Jo AnnJo Ann’s love of theater began in her childhood.  As she grew up, she minored in theater at SUNY Albany and throughout her adulthood has continued to participate in regional theater through acting, choreography and through all aspects of production.  Several years ago, Jo Ann began participating in play readings at the Author’s Playhouse in Bay Shore.  She created the Northport Reader’s Theater that meets monthly to present unrehearsed performances with a variety of scripts.  Recently she has become involved with the Township Theater Group; acting, directing, stage-managing and doing lighting.  Additionally, she is a member of the See Saw Comedy improvisation theater group.  She has produced a performance of a staged reading with the NAC program at Northport Library and has staged readings to benefit St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. She is actively involved with playwright Michael Casano producing the Northport One Act Play Festival.  She is also working with faculty members at Northport High School and the Northport/East Northport Community Drug and Alcohol Task Force encouraging and assisting students in writing and producing plays.                                                                      

Our Musical Accompanist and friend: Allen Eckstat

AllenAllen started piano lessons when he was only 8 years of age and continued lessons until the age of 16.  His talent for remembering tunes and, more importantly, singing on key is what keeps our Not Quite Ready for Off Broadway Players focused during rehearsals and performances. In addition to his dedication to our troupe, there is rarely a Chavurat occasion that doesn’t have Allen engaging all his Chavurah friends in song and dance.  He is at all our shows and choir rehearsals helping to create an atmosphere of musical joy. This man “rocks!”